Monday, January 4, 2010

:A New Year:

2010 is going to be a great year. Graduation. College. Life is starting and i can't wait! 2009 was a pretty good year though. Here's a Year-in-Review..

Fun times with amazing family and good friends.

Drill Team Competitions.Scruff Happened. (:

Oldest sibling and only big sister gets married and moves out. Maid of Honor at Wedding. (:

Turned 17. Got asked to prom by a pirate. Drill Team Showcase. Spring Break at my house in Moab. Auditioned for a captain on Drill Team. Went to Prom with Joey Haws (not the pirate). Got a position as a Drill Team Captain.

Sister gets pregnant. Going to be an aunt.

Went boating with Brinley. Got a 2nd degree sunburn on both of my thighs. Unable to walk for 2 weeks. Hung out with Hill and Stu, and ran over a dog. Recovered from horrible sunburn, got back to dance. Drill Team Camp at Precision.

Met the Jonas Brothers<3 Stadium of Fire.Best Day of My Life. Went to Seven Peaks with Brinley, Kelsie, Jenoa, Logan Schneider and Parker Farnsworth. Had so much fun.

Threw Brinley her suprise 16th birthday party. It was a blast. Drill Team practice throughout summer. Senior Year Starts.

Didn't get asked to Homecoming, but I had a fun time with my new best friend Meghan who i met this month. Homecoming Night Assembly Performance, super fun. Homecoming Drill Alumni Barbeque, then Game.

Performed at my last football halftime. Worked busy on Mr. Cavemen all month. Mr. Cavemen: Kung Fu Cavemen. Was so much fun. I was so happy Matt made it.

My family got the swine flu. Saw New Moon with Mom, Dad, Alicia, Skylar and Joey. Saw Wizard of Oz. It was a great show and Ethan and Emma loved it so much. Went shopping with my Mom at 4 in the morning. It was MADNESS. James died this month. He shall not be missed.

Dance and Drill consumed my life this month. Practice at 6 every morning and stayed after school until 6 everyday for 2 weeks. Dance Concert was a blast. First competition. We took 5th place in our Kick routine out of 9 schools. It was the best thing ever to take an actual award home. It has never happened. We are working our way up for sure. Mom had some medical problems on Christmas Eve, but we pulled through it. Christmas Break and Christmas were amazing. UVU dance on New Years Eve was a blast.

This year really was a good one and I am so grateful to everyone in my life, no matter who it is or what they've done for me, i love them all. I'm so thankful to have all these great memories.

I know 2010 will be just as great. It is going to be a year of big big changes. Turning 18, Graduating and starting College. It is going to be a good year and I can't wait to see what will happen. Thank you to everyone who has and will always stand by my side. I love you. Happy New Year!

love, erin

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