Sunday, June 27, 2010

Backstreet Boys!

So last Wednesday me, my sister, and two cousins Kenzie & Maddie went to the Backstreet Boys concert at Energy Solutions Arena! We made t-shirts with the boys on the back and each of us had a boy on the front, they were super sweet.I've been to a lot of concerts but this was by far the best concert I've EVER been to! We had a total blast!

We have loved the Backstreet Boys ever since we were little girls! We've waited and waited for the day we could go to a BSB concert. And we finally got to live up that chance! And it was amazing! I'm so glad we got floor seats & just that we got to go at all! It was thee best concert EVER!! AAHHH! i love the backstreet boys forever:)

love, erin

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

20 Things About Me

Here are twenty random facts you may or may not know about me:

20. I am the only child in my family who wasn't named after someone. My dad said that is what should make me "unique"

19. I've never broken a bone or had stitches.

18. I love kids & I love working with kids. Teaching preschool is something I am passionate about.

17. I am really into old, antique looks and things.

16. I've only been kissed by one person.

15. I was on the Drill Team in high school and loved it. I am very passionate about dance.

14. I have thee junkiest car. It barely runs and is literally hanging on a thread but I get by with what I have.

13. I love being barefoot. I like it when my feet feel free, not like they're trapped. Wearing socks to bed? ABSOLUTELY can't do it.

12. While I love being barefoot, I absolutely love shoes and I really love fashion design.

11. Someday I would like to own my very own boutique. It is something I would really love and enjoy.

10. When I do my laundry, I have to wash ALL of it, even if it is already clean.

9. I had major confidence issues in jr. high. But I've overcome those issues 100%. I know who I am and I'm proud of the person I am and the person I hope to be someday.

8. My last name is Elhart, so when you write it out you can put L and draw a heart! It's soo cool I love it :)

7. I've surprisingly met a lot of famous people, including: V Factory, Carmen Rassmussen, American Idol Season 7 Top 10: Brooke White, Carly Smithson, Jason Castro, Kristy Lee Cook, Michael Johns, Ramiele Malubay, Syesha Mercado, and David Archuleta :) I've also met the Jonas Brothers. Which all of these people have been really really cool to meet, but Jonas Brothers was the coolest thing ever!

6. I'm not a morning person, and I'm really not a breakfast eater. Typically I never eat breakfast. But I could eat a bowl of cold cereal with every meal.

5. Next summer me and my cousin are going to move into an apartment together! I'm so excited I can't wait!!

4. Right now I'm working at a small snow shack. Its kinda lame, I know. I'm really pushing for a job being an aide at a daycare or preschool. I'm pushing for it more than I can breathe. I really really desperately want and need a job at a preschool. The shack is fun, but I for sure need a more serious job.

3. I'm excited to pursue my career in child development/teaching. Maybe one day I'll teach grade school, I guess we'll see where all of it takes me!

2. I'm scared of not knowing what is ahead. I'm scared that I don't know who I will marry, or when I'll get married. I'm scared of going to college by myself and being out on my own. I'm scared of losing the friends I have and moving out and not living at the place I call home anymore. I'm scared for so many things on the road up ahead. But I'm ready to get ready and I'm ready to not be scared anymore. I'm ready to take my first step with courage and prepare for all the steps that follow.

1. I dream of everything a girl my age should. Dating, and finding my own prince charming, the man of my dreams. The man that will take me to the temple and marry me. I dream of everlasting and eternal love, happiness, a family of my own. Although these things are down the road for me, I am excited for what is to come and I'll know when I'm ready to face that big and important step. So for now, I dream of success. I dream of enjoying the time I can spend with children, the time I can spend dancing my heart out, the time I can spend putting together outfits, and making purses and jewelry and the time I can spend meeting famous people :) I dream everyday of what it takes to make myself happy. But then I realize every single day that I am happy, no matter what I may face tomorrow.

love, erin

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I want so badly right now to read as many books as I possibly can.

How crazy does that sound? Well, to me not at all.

Anyone have any really good book suggestions? I really want to start reading again.

I also want to write. I'm not sure what I'd like to write, I just know that I want to

Reading & Writing, just makes me feel . . free.

I feel as if there are so many endless possibilities & I absolutely love it.

So any ideas for good books, let me hear them because I need to read & read & read..

love, erin

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


graduation lately i've been thinking a lot about my life. where i see myself in the next 5 years and where i see myself now. graduating high school has given me so many things to think about. you realize that after that huge step, its time to make grown up decisions that will effect you for the rest of your life. while the thought is frightening, i find it overwhelming and relieving. i've been waiting for the day where i could be independent and be on my own for as long as i can remember. now, it is all a fantasy. because in the real world: LIFE IS HARD. trying to live on change from your wallet can be stressful. and lately i've been thinking back on the things in my life that i need to focus more on and the things i treasure more than the money i work so hard to earn.

i don't think i'll ever be so appreciative of my family. my mom and dad have given so much to me, and it hurts me to know how much of that i took for granted during my teenage years. i don't think i'd be able to function if i didn't have the family that i have. my parents influence so many of my decisions and their strong words of encouragement push me day to day and i have more comfort of what is to come in the future because of my parents love and support.

career the last two months of high school i realized how much i needed to make a decision on my career and what i wanted to do in college and for the rest of my life. i was inconsistent and indecisive and couldn't make up my mind. i was going through dance major to dance education to early childhood education and being a teacher. after so much thought and consideration i have finally decided that i am going into early childhood education and going to UVU to get my one year certificate so that i can be a preschool teacher. i am stoked about my decision and can't wait to start school and go forward with my future in teaching.

love there are a lot of things i could say about the word LOVE it means all kinds of things. but i've been thinking a lot about what it really means. i won't deny that i'm excited to someday get married to the man of my dreams. i know there is a difference between being excited and being ready. my sister got married when she was 18 and so did my mom and my grandma. i always knew that it was impossible for me to be married so young. i've always said that i am too "immature". now i've realized something. its not that i'm immature, i'm just not yet ready. which is fine. marriage is a huge step in life and i'm only 18! i have so much time to live! but i am excited for that part of my life and i know that it will be good for me.

as for now...

right now i'm working at a small snow shack on main street. while working there, i'm also looking for a second job so i can make money to go to school. so for now, i'm going to enjoy a relaxed and carefree summer of work :) and i'm going to make the most of what i have. i'm excited for what is ahead and i'm ready to put all the bad behind me. i feel like starting out fresh and i'm ready for college life and move out into my own apartment.

"Reflect upon your present blessings - of which every man has many - no on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some."
:Charles Dickens:

love, erin