Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something About Love

Oh do I love David Archuleta. He's one of those singers whose songs just make you happy, uplifted and hopeful. I was having one of those rougher days today, and David Archuleta's new song "Something 'Bout Love" came on shuffle on my iTunes & it got me thinking about love. I'm very unlucky in love, but I know that one day I'll find what is right for me and I know that when I do I will truly be happy. With what is happening now in life it is important for us to make the right decisions because it will have an impact on our future. But right now it is not important, for me personally, to desire that love and attention I one day wish to have. David helped me realize that today when I was feeling down. The Lord loves us, he truly does. As long as we turn to Him and put our trust in Him, He will provide the way for us to be truly happy. So, thank you David Archuleta for helping me realize that in time of need :)

Oh, & I wish for you to come in concert soon :)

Love, Erin

"There's something 'bout love that breaks your heart, oh oh oh oh, sets you free. There's something 'bout love that tears you up whoa oh oh oh, you still believe: when the world falls down like rain.. it will bring you to your knees.. B U T D O N 'T G I V E U P."

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